Gross Global Happiness. Costa Rica. March 2024 I will be a presenting at the Gross Global Happiness event!

Guess where I’m headed this March? I’ll be traveling to beautiful Costa Rica and delivering a session at the Gross Global Happiness Summit. Hosted at the United Nations-established University for Peace, this event convenes leaders in the field of happiness and well-being from around the globe to share thought leadership, engage in conversation and inspire incorporation of this material into your life, both personally and professionally.
Interested in joining me? https://bit.ly/GGG-2024
Thanks so much for helping us spread the word! We’re truly excited to have you join us and hope you look forward to sharing this achievement with your networks

UPEACE Centre for Executive Education, @University for Peace, @World Happiness Foundation The Wellbeing Planet Foundation- البرامج والدورات

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