Contemplative Psychotherapy Training Bilingual Edition

The Wellbeing Planet invites you to take part in our Contemplative Psychotherapy Training, a 4-year program that promises to transform your life and your professional practice.

Explore an integrative approach that combines contemplative traditions with modern psychotherapy. Now, with the flexibility to choose between synchronous and asynchronous modalities, you can tailor your learning to your own pace and convenience.

Join us and discover how you can bring deep wellness to yourself and others.

The Contemplative Psychotherapy Training is more than a training, it is a group of people committed to the moment, over a period of 4 years. To be present, to sustain themselves, to work on their own personal traumas, those of their communities and to grow consciously through the acquisition of a set of skills, tools, methods, wisdoms and practices that place you in the world.

This training speaks of virtuous circles to break the dynamics of good and bad, ugly and beautiful, black and white, poverty and wealth, north and south, east and west.  It proposes a relational flow that opens us to profound experiences. Most of the students consider that their time at The Wellbeing Planet changed their lives. They increased their level of awareness, presence, coherence, integrity, commitment and created changes in their communities that activated strong resonances.

The training requires a high level of commitment from day one, and it is that very intensity that facilitates the big change, that brings out the deepest part of us.

Complete program

Contemplative Psychotherapy Tuition and Fees

Full tuition fee per year 1668 US dollars
One payment with 10% discount

Who is this training for?
This program is a great opportunity to live with a group of people for four years, who are from all over the world. With different biographies and backgrounds, cultures, languages and traditions. Everything is done with exquisite respect and the participants are invited to self-regulate, co-regulate, integrate the other, recognize their traumas and work for the coherence of the group and the development of active contemplative practices.
Due to the characteristics of the program, and the stress of our lives, we recommend that you reserve time and space for this deep process, it is an inner work that will make a difference in your life.
Being part of The Wellbeing Planet program means setting aside periods of time to study, meditate, understand, meet with the community and learn from each other. This will undoubtedly be a catalyst for your own shadow, and will help you to observe your wounds, moving towards personal and community integration.
We are looking for students who want to engage with themselves and point to the world they learn in order to understand how to consciously transform. We ask that they prioritize learning and growth and focus on observing how increasing capacities – and only then – can consciously serve.
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